A special meeting was held in Brussels on Saturday October 10th to discuss the legislation of locksmiths in member countries. This was the first meeting within ELF to discuss solely legislative matters in ELF member associations.

Representatives from Finland, Poland, Sweden. Germany. Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Portugal and Ireland attended.


Finland, Belgium and Ireland have legislation in place for locksmiths while Italy have passed a law (2005/36/CE) making locksmith an official profession or trade with standards to carry out business as a locksmith.

A long discussion took place about the best way for other countries to legalise the locksmith in their country. It was agreed that legislation for locksmiths can take up to 20 years to get passed in a country while the Italian success can be achieved within 2 years by possibly 5 countries signing up to new EU legislation (2013 / 55 /EU). This means an EQF (Framework Qualifications and unified standards being commonly applied for an EU norm.