ELF Projects

The main role of ELF has always been to promote co-operation between national locksmith associations and to assist the locksmiths of Europe. Listed are some of the projects being developed and undertaken by ELF and require the support and help of all locksmiths.

Patented Keys

For several years Locksmiths have been struggling with the restricted/patented keys issue whereby they are unsure as to the validity of claims by manufacturers as to whether their key sections are patented or not. Despite ELF consulting with Patent Lawyers the issue is still unclear and is a legal minefield. It was decided at an ELF recent Board Meeting that all member locksmiths should ask their suppliers for documented evidence (copy of the patent document) that their product is indeed patented. Each locksmith then sends these documents to their national association who in turn forward them to ELF who can then create a database of patented keys for Europe.

Auto Locksmiths

In an effort to solve the problem of Auto Locksmiths being unable to get pin codes from auto manufacturers to cut certain transponder keys, ELF has requested all member auto locksmiths to register on the approved ELF auto locksmith list. This list will be forwarded to the auto manufacturers who are in the process of devising a method of releasing pin codes to approved contractors for the purpose of key cutting and other auto service related industries. You can register on this list on the MLA website or contact your national association for further details


To try to promote education amongst member locksmiths, ELF has a list of instructors with expertise in different fields of locksmithing who are willing to travel and educate fellow locksmiths on behalf of the national association. It is felt that members would benefit from foreign instructors with a specialist subject teaching in their own country thus saving the cost of travelling to other countries and it would also promote education within the national associations.

Co operation with other Associations

ELF has embraced the idea of co-operation with other locksmith associations. As there are now different specialities within our profession and associations catering for them, such as SAVTA and ALA, it is in the interest of locksmiths that ELF promotes and encourages these specialist associations. Also as lock manufacturers become global, it makes sense to communicate and co-operate with other locksmith associations world-wide to protect the interests of all locksmiths.


As the lock manufacturing industry is changing with the domination of the market by certain manufacturers and others moving into the servicing sector, ELF has undertaken to discuss issues that have arisen with companies that affect the future of locksmiths.

Licensing of Locksmiths

With certain countries in Europe introducing licensing of the security industry, ELF member associations are communicating and exchanging information with each other in preparation of licensing for locksmiths in the years to come.

Manufacturers’ Database

With so many companies involved in the manufacturing of locks, ELF is trying to compile a complete database of manufacturers’ websites for distribution to members. If you have a list of websites that you consider useful you can send them to your national association who will forward it to ELF.

Dave O’Toole
President ELF